. Made with MAGIX Chamber Music “...where colors play and hoodoos dance” Bb clarinet, piano           9’30” Inspired by the abstract beauty of Antelope Canyon Final Flight   String Quartet 11’ Follow Me violin, viola, piano           6’30” Four Unknown Dances flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano         15’30” He Said, She Said violin, viola, piano  8’ He Said, She Said clarinet, saxophone, piano  8’ Tasi’s Piece violin, cello, percussion, piano 14’     I. Chris and Tasi    II. Playtime   III. Here Comes Alex Moments version for Bb clarinet, violin, piano  6’ Score for underwater  documentary, this has frequently been programmed on chamber concerts. Moments version for violin, viola, piano Moments version for soprano, Eng. Hn, piano  6’ Moments version for flute, cello, piano  6’   The Man in Jackson Square Bb clarinet, violin, piano  6’ For the man in Jackson Square, New Orleans   Sea Dances: Dolphins Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, piano 6’`   Dali’s Dream baritone saxophone, piano                         6’30” Morgan’s Friend flute, Bb clarinet, violin, viola, cello, bass, piano 10’ Dances in Time flute, oboe, cello, piano 12’ Night Songs soprano vocalise, flute, Bb clarinet,violin, piano 14’ Lullaby version for soprano, piano         5’ dedicated to mothers in Auschwitz, Wounded Knee and... Lullaby version for soprano, violin, piano       5’ Lullaby version for soprano, alto, piano                                5’ https://soundcloud.com/lanette-lind/where-colors-play