Family - Chamber versions Toy Factory2 small ensemble, narrator 18’ The Ugly Duckling for Alto Saxophone alto saxophone and piano 22’ Wolfie Locks: His True Adventures 2 performers: soprano saxophone,               20’ alto saxophone,  tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, slide whistle. piano, narrator Family - Symphonic Symphony No. 2   winds in 2’s, alto saxophone,narrator 26’   “The Ugly Duckling” Since it’s premiere, the “duckling”  has received  many performances  across the country. Toy Factory2    winds in 2’s, narrator 18’ Numerous performances by major  orchestras including the St. Louis Symphony, Syracuse Symphony, and the Rochester Philharmonic Different Drummers, Same Songs  winds in 2’s 20’ with optional Alp Horn, bagpipe, narrator The Brightest Light winds in 2’s, Narrator, children’s choir 22’ winds in 2’s, children narrators